Surface Grinding Machines

Surface Grinding Machines

A surface grinding machine is a kind of machine tool which is used for grinding. In fact the surface grinding machines follow the mechanism or type of machining that employs an abrasive wheel as the cutting tool. In this case each grain of the abrasive material that is present on the surface of the wheel acts in cutting a small chip from the work piece. This cutting is done by the help of a shear deformation in the structure. The surface grinding machine consists of a power driven grinding wheel and this wheel is made to spin at move the surface grinding machines the required speed. In fact this speed is determined by the operator according to the diameter of the wheel. Therefore the manufacturer’s rating is also considered as an important parameter in determining the speed of the surface grinding machines. In most of the cases speed values of the surface grinding machines are determined by a formula.

In addition to this a fixture is also present along with the surface grinding machine and it is meant for to guiding and holding the work piece in its place. Moreover a special mechanism is also derived to control the grinding head. This control of grinding heads of the surface grinding machines is especially important when it is required to travel across a fixed work piece. On the other hand the movement of work piece is done while it is staying at a fixed position while keeping the grinding head in its place. This kind of a fine control of the grinding head or table position of surface grinding machine is only possible by using a vernier calibrated hand wheel. Otherwise it can also be done by using the features of numerical controls.

Surface grinding machines are designed to remove the material from the work piece by using the technique of abrasion. This can result in generating substantial amounts of heat. Therefore the surface grinding machines are made to incorporate a coolant so as to cool the work piece so that it does not get overheated and go outside their tolerance. The coolant has the benefits in the procedures because as the heat is generated, it may cause burns in some cases. However in case of very high precision surface grinding machines the final grinding stages are set up in order to remove up to about 200nm per pass. This happens in most cases of the cylindrical surfaces. As a result this leads to generation of so little heat that even with no coolant, the temperature rise is negligible.

The various kinds of the surface grinding machines include the following parts:

  • Belt grinder, is a part which is usually used as a machining method and to process metals and other materials, by using the coated abrasive materials. Sanding is the process in which machining of wood and grinding is the common name for machining of metals. Belt grinding is a versatile process done by the surface grinding machines and is considered suitable for all kinds of applications like finishing, debarring, and stock removal of the material.
  • Bench grinder, is the part of surface grinding machines which usually consist of two wheels of different grain sizes. These wheels are meant for roughing and finishing operations and are secured to a work bench. The wheels are used for shaping tool bits or various other tools that are needed to be made or repaired. On the other hand the bench grinders are manually operated.
  • Cylindrical grinder is also a part of the surface grinding machines which includes the center less grinder. This grinder consists of multiple grinding wheels.